• 28.02.2017

    Greetings from Mr Mattias Larsson, Board Member

    Development is something we will shape together!
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  • 24.02.2017

    E12 Atlantica Transport Project Reinforced

    E12 Atlantica Transport project was launched in January 2016, with the purpose of developing cooperation between the actors along the E12 corridor which runs from Finland across Sweden to the Atlantic coast in Norway. Mr Jerker Sjögren, with long and solid experience in logistics and transport as well as strategic development and management, has been appointed coordinator of the work package Cross-Border Strategies.
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  • 22.02.2017

    Save the date 23 May 2017!

    Gränskommittén Kvarkenrådets årsmöte 23 maj 2017 vid Kyrö Distillery i Storkyro
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  • 21.02.2017

    Lägesrapport från de tre olika arbetspaketen i projektet E12 Atlantica Transport

    Status WP1 - Funktionellt transportstråk:Den 8-9 februari genomfördes den sista av tre workshops inom ramen för den gränsöverskridande systemanalysen som genomförs i arbetspaketet. Analysen utgår från hur transportsystemet fungerar idag, hur det bör fungera om 15-35 år och prövar sedan olika strategier för att nå målsättningarna.
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  • 16.02.2017

    Focus on Future Cooperation Structures – Towards Formalized Cooperation?

    For years, the associations Kvarken Council, MidtSkandia and Blå Vägen have been working for the development of cross-border cooperation along the E12 east-west transport route. As a result of this cooperation, for instance, E12 has gained the TEN-T comprehensive status and the partners fully agree on the importance of active cross-border cooperation in order to reduce border barriers along the route. The partners now want to study how to take this cooperation onto the next level.
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  • 07.02.2017

    MATKA2017 Nordic Travel Fair – Successful Presentation of Spotlight High-Low Coast Project

    The cross-border project Spotlight High-Low Coast made itself known at MATKA2017 Nordic Travel Fair and Matka Workshop Day in 18–22 January, 2017. The project managers are pleased with the fair
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  • 18.01.2017

    NSB CoRe - Workshop on better connectivity with North Sea-Baltic Corridor

    Kvarken Council is one of the project partners in the project NSB CoRe (North Sea–Baltic Connector of Regions). A regional workshop for Swedish, Finnish and Estonian stakeholders (Northern thematic area) takes place January 18, 2017 in Helsinki on Better Connectivity with North Sea – Baltic Corridor in Helsinki, Finland.
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  • 16.01.2017

    Spotlight High-Low Coast vid internationella resemässan MATKA2017

    Spotlight High-Low Coast marknadsför regionerna Kvarkens skärgård/Höga kusten och Umeå vid internationella resemässan MATKA2017
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  • 10.01.2017

    Passagerarrekord i Kvarken

    184 144 passagerare reste med Wasaline år 2016. Passagerarmängden ökade med 9,2%. Då var mängden 168 557. Passagerarfordon ökade med 10,4 %, antal bussar ökade med 18,3 %. Fraktmetrarna minskade med 7,2 % och det transporterades 2,3 % mindre ton frakt.
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  • 19.12.2016

    Director’s Greeting 2016

    The past year has been characterized by both successes and misfortunes. After a good implementation of the Midway Alignment project, a new CEF application was submitted with the support of the Finnish and Swedish governments. We hoped to acquire EU support for the construction of a new, innovative and tailor-made...
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