Midway Alignment Botnia Atlantica - MABA

Project time:1.8.2015-30.9.2016

Budget: 235 000 EUR, of  which 60% from INTERREG Botnia-Atlantica programme

Lead Part: Kvarken Council

Partners and financers: INAB, Municipality of Umeå, City of Vaasa

Project description:

The Kvarken region has been granted EU funding for Phase I of the TEN-T project Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor - Kvarken Multimodal Link, for upgrading the Kvarken ferry link. The goal is to develop a new customized ferry for the Kvarken region, to develop the ports and the whole regional logistics system in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner, to strengthen the region's competitiveness, and securing passenger and freight traffic year round in the Kvarken in the long term. The MABA project's goal is to secure the East-West transport corridor in the Kvarken region in the long term. This is to be done by producing studies, documents and plans needed for future infrastructure investments. MABA is an important complement to the Midway Alignment project, and strengthens the prospects for achieving the region's common goal, that is a functioning, environmentally friendly transport corridor in the Kvarken region. The MABA project will also produce background material and templates required for accessing the TEN-T network. The project will also help to disseminate knowledge of Kvarken traffic in the municipalities of the Botnia Atlantica region and to key players in the Baltic region. In addition, the project will compile information about funding sources available for infrastructure projects in both Sweden and Finland, and the municipalities and regions will benefit from this knowledge. Expected long-term effects are better conditions for increased transport interchange in the Kvarken region and TEN-T core status for the Kvarken ports.


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