E12 Atlantica Transport

E12 Atlantica Transport

The project is based on cross-border cooperation between partners in Finland, Sweden and Norway along the E12.
The project produces strategies and guidelines for cross-border transport planning and a sustainable development of the route and conducts pilot activities in cooperation with companies to highlight deficiencies and opportunities in the transport system.

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Work Packages

1. A Functional Transport Route
Identify possibilities to further optimize and develop east-west transport solutions
2. Cross-Border Strategies
Further develop structures for crossborder planning and traffic strategies
3. Future Cooperation Structures
Identify, analyze and present cooperation structures designed to
strengthen the conditions for joint cross-border visions. Increase
collaboration in the region, as well as with adjoining transport corridors



To reduce border barriers and continue the development of the E12 that runs from Finland through Sweden and further on to Norway and the Atlantic coast.

To create favorable conditions for strengthening the corridor’s attractiveness and development possibilities. A more developed cooperation with trade and industry is formalized, which creates better understanding of the trade and industry’s transport demands.

To strengthen cooperation between Kvarken Council, MidtSkandia and Blå Vägen, as well as their partners.

Timetable and budget

January 2016 – May 2018
Budget Finland / Sweden: 2 197 500 EUR
EU-support: 1 318 500 EUR (60 % of budget Finland / Sweden)
Budget Norway: 381 691 EUR
IR-support: 190 846 EUR

Total project budget: 2 579 191 EUR

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Kvarken Council (leadpart, FI), MidtSkandia (NO), Blå Vägen (SE) Region Västerbotten (SE), Regional Council of Ostrobothnia (FI), Nordland fylkeskommune (NO) Vaasa Regional Development Company VASEK (FI), Umeå Municipality (SE), Vännäs Municipality (SE), Vindeln Municipality (SE), Lycksele Municipality (SE), Storuman Municipality (SE), Infrastruktur i Umeå AB INAB (SE), Rana Utviklingsselskap AS (NO), Rana Municipality (NO), Polarsirkelen Lufthavnutvikling (NO), Port of Mo i Rana (NO), Mo Industripark AS (NO), Alastahaug havnevesen KF (NO), Helgeland Havn IKS (NO)




  • 27.06.2017
    Mr. Kjell Skoglund, originally from Kristinestad in Finland, has in the role of CEO of the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce witnessed how the commercial and industrial sectors have put Nordic cooperation into action in concrete terms. This development started about 20 years ago after the merging of several large exchange-listed enterprises. Since then, there have been over 700 mergers between the countries and cross-border cooperation is now stronger than ever before.
  • 20.06.2017
    Martin & Servera is Sweden’s leading wholesaler and supplier to restaurants and institutional kitchens. It delivers food, beverages and equipment to thousands of customers across Sweden every day – and since last autumn, also to northern Finland. The enterprise is very interested in the Finnish market and ready to expand to other parts of Finland as soon as the right logistic solutions are found.
  • 14.06.2017
    WP1Systemanalysen är klar och färdig för att användas som grund för arbetet i WP2.
  • 08.06.2017
    Projektledningen tackar för alla ansträngningar inför projektstart. Botnia-Atlanticaprojektet E12 Atlantica BA3NET som är systerprojekt till E12 Atlantica Transport blev beviljat av styrkommittén den 1 december.Eftersom...
  • 10.05.2017
    Kvarken Ports, Wasaline, NLC Vaasa and E12 Atlantica Transport project put up a joint appearance at Transport Logistic Fair in Munich, Germany on 9–12 May, 2017 in an island in the stand of Finnish ports. The four parties market cross-border cooperation, both the current results and future collaboration aspirations
  • 07.04.2017
    Vårvinterns nyhetsbrev är publicerad! Kevättalven uutiskirje on julkaistu!
  • 06.04.2017
    NÄRINGSLIVSSAMARBETE I KVARKENREGIONEN – FRAMTID OCH MÖJLIGHETER 23 maj 2017 vid Kyrö Distillery i Storkyro, Finland Oltermannintie 6, Isokyrö
  • 06.04.2017
    The Kvarken region covers some of the best developed regions in northern Scandinavia, with high growth potential, a wide range of industries and businesses, exceptionally...
  • 06.04.2017
    The new Kvarken ferry is now being promoted by MABA II project, funded by Interreg/Botnia-Atlantica, and the target is the same as the project partners set for the Midway Alignment project five years ago – to have a new ferry plying the Kvarken crossing in 2021, at the latest. At present, the project has engaged Inspira consultancy firm to develop a financing model suited for the project and its partners.
  • 03.04.2017
    The system analysis, carried out within the framework of the project E12 Atlantica Transport during the past winter, will be completed in early April. Ramboll, a leading consulting engineering enterprise with 300 offices worldwide, has been instrumental in making the analysis, as well as Lars Brümmer as its consultant. Lars describes his part of the project and his work as an expert in traffic analysis and strategic planning.
  • 30.03.2017
    Projektledare Anna Måtts-Fransén (Vasek) kommer att inleda sin föräldraledighet den 14 april och Pekka Mäkinen (Vasek) tar därmed över koordineringen för Finlands del och fortsätter projektledarskapet tillsammans med Andreas Forsgren (Umeå kommun).
  • 29.03.2017
    Aktiviteten inom projektet E12 Atlantica Transport, som syftar till att utveckla samarbetet bland aktörerna längs E12-korridoren, är hög. Nu i mars har de första testerna med ett nytt transportupplägg för företag gjorts och utsikterna för en fortsättning är goda.
  • 27.03.2017
    The project E12 Atlantica Transport, funded by Interreg/Botnia-Atlantica, participated in Vaasa EnergyWeek in March 2017, sharing a stand with Kvarken Ports and NLC Vaasa in both Vaasa Wind Exchange & Solar and Vaasa Gas Exchange (VGE).
  • 27.03.2017
    The partners in the project E12 Atlantica Transport were delighted to receive a couple of weeks ago the news they have been working for in ten years. The Norwegian government showed green light for the construction of a new international airport in the vicinity of Mo i Rana.
  • 20.03.2017
    transport logistic is the world's leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management, and acts as the business platform for and driving...
  • 10.03.2017
    Workshop om gränsöverskridande samarbeten och samarbetsformer - Projekt E12 Atlantica Transport, WP3
  • 10.03.2017
    Visit E12 Atlantica Transport’s stand together with Kvarken Ports and Vaasa logistics department 21-23 March.
  • 06.03.2017
    I februari samlades projektet E12 Atlantica Transports partnerskap i Mo i Rana i den sista av tre arbetsmöten inom ramen för den gränsöverskridande systemanalysen. De 35 deltagarna bestående av norska, svenska och finska partners längs E12-korridoren fick ta del av en ny arbetsversion av kartmaterialet som beskriver förhållanden längs E12-stråket. Gemensamma mål och delmål för transportsystemet diskuterades.
  • 03.03.2017
    Sju nordiska gränshinder avskaffades i fjol, efter att Gränshinderrådet pressat regeringarna att finna en lösning. Bland annat försvann skyldigheten för småföretagare med arbetsmaskiner att deponera moms när de ska jobba i Norge – en tidigare konkurrensnackdel för svenska och finska företag.
  • 24.02.2017
    E12 Atlantica Transport project was launched in January 2016, with the purpose of developing cooperation between the actors along the E12 corridor which runs from Finland across Sweden to the Atlantic coast in Norway. Mr Jerker Sjögren, with long and solid experience in logistics and transport as well as strategic development and management, has been appointed coordinator of the work package Cross-Border Strategies.
  • 22.02.2017
    Gränskommittén Kvarkenrådets årsmöte 23 maj 2017 vid Kyrö Distillery i Storkyro
  • 21.02.2017
    Status WP1 - Funktionellt transportstråk:Den 8-9 februari genomfördes den sista av tre workshops inom ramen för den gränsöverskridande systemanalysen som genomförs i arbetspaketet.
  • 16.02.2017
    For years, the associations Kvarken Council, MidtSkandia and Blå Vägen have been working for the development of cross-border cooperation along the E12 east-west transport route. As a result of this cooperation, for instance, E12 has gained the TEN-T comprehensive status and the partners fully agree on the importance of active cross-border cooperation in order to reduce border barriers along the route. The partners now want to study how to take this cooperation onto the next level.
  • 18.01.2017
    Kvarken Council is one of the project partners in the project NSB CoRe (North Sea–Baltic Connector of Regions). A regional workshop for Swedish, Finnish and Estonian stakeholders (Northern thematic area) takes place January 18, 2017 in Helsinki on Better Connectivity with North Sea – Baltic Corridor in Helsinki, Finland.
  • 10.01.2017
    184 144 passagerare reste med Wasaline år 2016. Passagerarmängden ökade med 9,2%. Då var mängden 168 557.
  • 19.12.2016
    The past year has been characterized by both successes and misfortunes.
  • 19.12.2016
    WP1 - Funktionellt transportstråk
  • 08.12.2016
    Many perhaps associate the Kvarken Council mainly with the Kvarken ferry traffic and the Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor project. Even though these two aspects have been the Kvarken Council’s focus for the past few years, the association also continuously participates in several other projects. Development Manager Ms Susanna Ehrs elaborates on the association’s function and tasks.
  • 05.12.2016
    The E12 Atlantica Transport co-operation project between Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian partners continues the E12 route’s development work implemented by previous transport projects.
  • 30.11.2016
    The E12 Atlantica Transport’s project partners assembled in November in Lycksele, Sweden, for the second of three working meetings. The theme of the meeting was the E12 route’s transport system’s mutual targets and sub-targets. The participants also discussed e.g. the mutual vision, significant geographical points-of-interests, and infrastructural quality objectives. The project’s vision is based on regional and national visions and objectives.
  • 11.11.2016
    ke 14.12.2016 klo 9-12 LVM, Sonckin sali (Eteläesplanadi 16, Helsinki) sekä suora lähetys netissä Ilmoittautumiset ke 7.12. klo 14 mennessä
  • 02.11.2016
    Uudessa ruotsinkielisessä käsikirjassa ”Transportplanering i förändring” (vapaa suom. ”Liikennesuunnittelu muutoksessa”) ohjeistetaan, kuinka liikennesuunnittelulla voidaan tasoittaa naisten ja miesten välisten matkustusmahdollisuuksien eroja. Uumajan kunnan tasa-arvostrategi Linda Gustafsson piti esitelmän aiheesta E12 Atlantica Transport -hankkeen kumppaneille lokakuussa. Tasa-arvo on yksi kolmesta horisontaalisesta kriteeristä, jotka huomioidaan Botnia-Atlantican rahoittamissa hankkeissa.
  • 01.11.2016
    WP1- Funktionellt transportstråk
  • 01.11.2016
    A system analysis is used to serve as a knowledge-base for regional infrastructure planning. Its starting-point is a current state analysis that aims to define e.g. the stream of goods, commuting, the quantity of goods handled in ports, and the speed levels of railways. Such analyses are often regional, but the E12 Atlantica Transport project aims to implement the first cross-border analysis of the areas surrounding the E12 Corridor.
  • 28.10.2016
    Ostrobothnian Scandic Trans Ltd’s new freight line between Vaasa and Umeå begins its operations in October. The company has long been searching for a more effective and affordable way of transporting food supplies from Southern Finland to Norrland in Sweden. Now, thanks to a new Swedish cooperation partner and the ferry connection over the Kvarken Strait, the company has finally found a solution.
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