The aim of the MABA II project is to facilitate cross-border infrastructure investments in the BA region by producing background materials for the said purpose.

The project will perform the following measures: examination of the Kvarken ports TEN-T status and Core links, investigation and analysis of the existing resources current state, including the drafting of cross-border port statistics, in-depth Impact Analysis, follow-up and deepening of the regional and national developmental impacts of the new ferry and the strengthened Kvarken connection, analysis of the final ferry design, planning/tender documentation for the port and terminal areas and the new ferry, investigation of various financing alternatives, dissemination of knowledge and information, participation in seminars and exhibitions, and meetings with relevant national and EU-level authorities. These measures will be implemented in close collaboration with the regions authorities and economic life.

The goal of MABA II is to present by the end of the project well-prepared background materials, reports and analyses so that the development process of the east-west transport corridor can continue and the regional, national and EU-level authorities can make decisions regarding future measures. These goals are to be achieved by creating and producing reports and analyses regarding the Kvarken ports TEN-T-status and TEN-T Core links, producing and presenting investigations about alternative financing options, and starting the planning work connected to the development of the port and terminal areas and the new ferry.


Kvarken Council (Lead Part, FI), Regional Council of Ostrobothnia (FI), Region Västerbotten (SE), Infrastruktur i Umeå AB (SE), City of Vaasa (FI), Umeå municipality (SE), Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK (FI)


Project facts

Project name: Midway Alignment - Botnia Atlantica II (MABA II)

Priority: Transport

Specific objective: Increased number of strategies connected to sustainable transportation links in east-west direction

Lead partner: Kvarken council

Other project partners: Infrastruktur i Umeå AB (SE), Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK (FI)

Project timetable: 2016-09-15 - 2018-12-31

Budget Sweden/Finland: 827 500 EUR

EU-support: 496 500 EUR (60 % of budget Sweden/Finland)



2017-08-10 Årets handelskammare finns i Österbotten - Vasabladet
2017-08-31 Ministeriet lovar pengar för Kvarkentrafiken - Vasabladet
2017-08-31 Päälobbaaja Häyry/ Lobbaus on onnistunutta, vaikka laivahanke ei saanut rahaa | Pohjalainen
2017-08-31 Vaasa ei saa vielä 25 miljoonan euron laivarahoja, Kokkola sai satamarahaa 45 miljoonaa | Pohjalainen
2017-08-31 Kvarkenmiljoner saknas i budgeten - Vasabladet
2017-11-06 Anna-Maja Henriksson-
2017-11-19 Kvarkenmiljonerna i hamn först nästa år, Vbl


2017-03-05 Finland driver på Midway Alignment | Västerbottens-Kuriren
2017-03-31 Ny Kvarkenfärja diskuterades i Umeå/ "Flyter på bra" | Österbotten |
2017-05-29 Tidtabellen håller för ny Kvarkenfärja | Österbotten |
2017-06-27 EIBn pankkiirit Vaasaan, uusi hakemus valmisteilla-Pohjalainen
2017-06-27 Investeringsbank vill diskutera ny färja, Vbl




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