• 14.09.2017

    SAVE THE DATE: E12 Atlantica Transport bjuder in till seminarium 17 oktober

    E12 Atlantica Transport bjuder in till seminarium om funktionella regioner - ekonomiska och sociala effekter: lärdomar för utformning av trafikstrategier, infrastrukturplanering och samhällsplanering
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  • 11.09.2017

    Tastes From a World Heritage Site – Now Available in the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen

    The World Heritage Menu from High Coast and Kvarken Archipelago, planned by the wellknown chef Michael Björklund and served onboard the Wasa Express ferry in autumn 2016, is now available for all food lovers.
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  • 27.06.2017

    Finland and Sweden Need One Another - Now More Than Ever

    Mr. Kjell Skoglund, originally from Kristinestad in Finland, has in the role of CEO of the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce witnessed how the commercial and industrial sectors have put Nordic cooperation into action in concrete terms. This development started about 20 years ago after the merging of several large exchange-listed enterprises. Since then, there have been over 700 mergers between the countries and cross-border cooperation is now stronger than ever before.
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  • 20.06.2017

    Ready to Expand in Finland

    Martin & Servera is Sweden’s leading wholesaler and supplier to restaurants and institutional kitchens. It delivers food, beverages and equipment to thousands of customers across Sweden every day – and since last autumn, also to northern Finland. The enterprise is very interested in the Finnish market and ready to expand to other parts of Finland as soon as the right logistic solutions are found.
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  • 19.06.2017

    SAVE THE DATE 26.10 – Gränsöverskridande seminarium riktat till besöksnäringen

    SAVE THE DATESpotlight High-Low Coast ordnar ett gränsöverskridande seminarium ombord på m/s Wasa Express torsdagen den 26 oktober för företagare verksamma inom besöksnäringen i Kvarkens skärgård/Höga Kusten samt Umeåregionen (observera att det skett en ändring i datum).
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  • 06.06.2017

    Intensiv marknadsföringsturné

    Spotlights marknadsföringsturné Two countries – one world natural heritage fick fortsättning
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  • 22.05.2017

    Ready for foreign tourists? Cross-border knowledge sharing in tourism

    Sustainable tourism, hospitality, internationalization and cooperation were the themes for the two-day seminar organized in Vaasa-Umeå in May. The organizers were the Kvarken Council’s Botnia-Atlantica project Spotlight High-Low Coast together with the projects Effekt and AC Hållbar Export. The seminar brought together a large number of tourism entrepreneurs and actors from the Vaasa, Umeå and High Coast regions. A similar seminar covering both sides of the Kvarken area is being planned for the fall of 2017.
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  • 08.05.2017

    Ett världsarv, två länder och tre destinationer – Kom och träffa oss!

    Botnia-Atlantica projektet Spotlight High-Low Coast kommer att finnas på plats och marknadsföra våra tre regioner Höga Kusten/Kvarkens skärgård och Umeåregionen gemensamt under "Ett världsarv, två länder och tre destinationer" vid följande event:
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  • 07.04.2017

    April 2017 Newsletter – Out now!

    Vårvinterns nyhetsbrev är publicerad! Kevättalven uutiskirje on julkaistu!
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  • 06.04.2017

    Välkommen på seminarium som arrangeras i anslutning till gränskommittén Kvarkenrådets årsmöte

    NÄRINGSLIVSSAMARBETE I KVARKENREGIONEN – FRAMTID OCH MÖJLIGHETER 23 maj 2017 vid Kyrö Distillery i Storkyro, Finland Oltermannintie 6, Isokyrö
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  • 06.04.2017

    Chairman’s Greetings

    The Kvarken region covers some of the best developed regions in northern Scandinavia, with high growth potential, a wide range of industries and businesses, exceptionally high degree of industrial refinement, export industry and significant population growth.During the past year, I have had several occasions to highlight examples of cooperation in...
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  • 06.04.2017

    Work for the new Kvarken ferry runs smoothly

    The new Kvarken ferry is now being promoted by MABA II project, funded by Interreg/Botnia-Atlantica, and the target is the same as the project partners set for the Midway Alignment project five years ago – to have a new ferry plying the Kvarken crossing in 2021, at the latest. At present, the project has engaged Inspira consultancy firm to develop a financing model suited for the project and its partners.
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