• 06.04.2017

    Chairman’s Greetings

    The Kvarken region covers some of the best developed regions in northern Scandinavia, with high growth potential, a wide range of industries and businesses, exceptionally high degree of industrial refinement, export industry and significant population growth.During the past year, I have had several occasions to highlight examples of cooperation in...
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  • 06.04.2017

    Work for the new Kvarken ferry runs smoothly

    The new Kvarken ferry is now being promoted by MABA II project, funded by Interreg/Botnia-Atlantica, and the target is the same as the project partners set for the Midway Alignment project five years ago – to have a new ferry plying the Kvarken crossing in 2021, at the latest. At present, the project has engaged Inspira consultancy firm to develop a financing model suited for the project and its partners.
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  • 27.03.2017

    Green light for new international airport in Mo i Rana

    The partners in the project E12 Atlantica Transport were delighted to receive a couple of weeks ago the news they have been working for in ten years. The Norwegian government showed green light for the construction of a new international airport in the vicinity of Mo i Rana.
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  • 10.03.2017

    Sammanfattning av workshop

    Workshop om gränsöverskridande samarbeten och samarbetsformer - Projekt E12 Atlantica Transport, WP3
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  • 03.03.2017

    Sju nordiska gränshinder revs 2016

    Sju nordiska gränshinder avskaffades i fjol, efter att Gränshinderrådet pressat regeringarna att finna en lösning. Bland annat försvann skyldigheten för småföretagare med arbetsmaskiner att deponera moms när de ska jobba i Norge – en tidigare konkurrensnackdel för svenska och finska företag.
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  • 28.02.2017

    Greetings from Mr Mattias Larsson, Board Member

    Development is something we will shape together!
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  • 22.02.2017

    Save the date 23 May 2017!

    Gränskommittén Kvarkenrådets årsmöte 23 maj 2017 vid Kyrö Distillery i Storkyro
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  • 07.02.2017

    MATKA2017 Nordic Travel Fair – Successful Presentation of Spotlight High-Low Coast Project

    The cross-border project Spotlight High-Low Coast made itself known at MATKA2017 Nordic Travel Fair and Matka Workshop Day in 18–22 January, 2017. The project managers are pleased with the fair
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  • 16.01.2017

    Spotlight High-Low Coast vid internationella resemässan MATKA2017

    Spotlight High-Low Coast marknadsför regionerna Kvarkens skärgård/Höga kusten och Umeå vid internationella resemässan MATKA2017
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  • 10.01.2017

    Passagerarrekord i Kvarken

    184 144 passagerare reste med Wasaline år 2016. Passagerarmängden ökade med 9,2%. Då var mängden 168 557. Passagerarfordon ökade med 10,4 %, antal bussar ökade med 18,3 %. Fraktmetrarna minskade med 7,2 % och det transporterades 2,3 % mindre ton frakt.
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  • 19.12.2016

    Director’s Greeting 2016

    The past year has been characterized by both successes and misfortunes. After a good implementation of the Midway Alignment project, a new CEF application was submitted with the support of the Finnish and Swedish governments. We hoped to acquire EU support for the construction of a new, innovative and tailor-made...
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  • 08.12.2016

    Catalyst for the Kvarken Region

    Many perhaps associate the Kvarken Council mainly with the Kvarken ferry traffic and the Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor project. Even though these two aspects have been the Kvarken Council’s focus for the past few years, the association also continuously participates in several other projects. Development Manager Ms Susanna Ehrs elaborates on the association’s function and tasks.
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