Greetings from Mr Asko Peltola, Board Member

Power in Tourism Cooperation

In recent years, South Ostrobothnia has grown in popularity among tourists. For families, the area’s attraction is boosted by Amusement Park PowerPark in Härmä, Ähtäri Zoo, VillageShop Keskinen in Tuuri, Duudson Activity Park in Seinäjoki, Härmän Kylpylä Spa and Kuortane Sport Resort. These destinations have for some years now cooperated in marketing within a campaign called Lakeudelle (www.lakeudelle.fi). This joint campaign shows that in tourism it is worthwhile to join forces instead of always competing with one another! We have a huge potential and through cooperation it would be possible to reach the large Swedish market, for instance, by tempting the residents across the Kvarken Strait to come for a holiday full of various experiences.

PowerPark has several years been voted the best amusement park and leisure centre in Finland. Thrilling new equipment every year, this amusement park takes good care of its visitors. The locals even got the state-owned railway company to yield when Härmä railway station was reopened for the summer to serve visitors.

Tourism in our area is constantly seeking new attractions. Giant pandas will arrive from China to their new home at Ähtäri Zoo towards the end of the year. We have set up a portal (www.pandaportal.fi) for information about various cooperation options for companies and tourism actors.

The architect Alvar Aalto and his design have thousands of fans all over the world. The unique Aalto centre in downtown Seinäjoki attracts visitors from various parts of our globe. There are plans to apply for admission to the Unesco world heritage list.

Botniaring, the longest motor-racing ring in Finland, is being developed for tourism. World Finals for Legends cars will be arranged there in September, the first time outside the United States. Legends Cars World Finals 2017 is part of the programme to honour Finland’s 100 years of independence.

The provinces of Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia have for years now cooperated in tourism within Visit Pohjanmaa. A concrete example of this cooperation is the impressive Visit Pohjanmaa joint stand in Kotimaan matkailumessut fair. The working group consists of representatives from the five tourism organizations in the region: Etelä-Pohjanmaan Matkailu Oy, Visit Vaasa, Visit Kokkola, Jakobstad Region and Visit Kristiinankaupunki. In the future, our cooperation could be expanded to cover the entire Kvarken region and we could together offer our attractions for international markets as from the international perspective, the Kvarken region is seen as one destination.

On the wings of cooperation, it feels fine to welcome visitors from near and far to experience South Ostrobothnia!

Asko Peltola

Asko Peltola
Regional Mayor
Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia




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