Lars in charge of system analysis

The system analysis, carried out within the framework of the project E12 Atlantica Transport during the past winter, will be completed in early April. Ramboll, a leading consulting engineering enterprise with 300 offices worldwide, has been instrumental in making the analysis, as well as Lars Brümmer as its consultant. Lars describes his part of the project and his work as an expert in traffic analysis and strategic planning.

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Lars Brümmer, expert in traffic analysis and strategic planning at Ramboll, has served as a consultant in carrying out the system analysis which will serve as a foundation for future work with the project E12 Atlantica Transport

The purpose of the system analysis is to gather and draw up material for the long-term planning of infrastructure development along the E12 corridor.
- Transport planning is an important part of social development, and there is quite a lot to be done within that section, Lars says.

Cross-border analysis was completed within the project’s first work package, Functional Transport Route, and it has now been transferred to the second work package, Cross-Border Strategies. The materials from the second package form the basis for the third work package, Future Cooperation Structures. The analysis is based on the description of the present situation, covering commuting, streams and amounts of goods, speed limits, demography, employment and so on. Ramboll’s commission also includes constructing a long-term follow-up method for the corridor. Information about the route accumulates, likewise the possibilities for measurements and evaluation.

- It has been an interesting commission and the project breathes a long-term commitment, according to Lars who has worked with infrastructure and social planning issues for many years, both in public government bodies and the past three years for Ramboll.

- The people here know what they want to achieve, the foundation is solid and the outlook is very promising, he continues. Community sprit is good within the project, which is good, and also the level of competence.
There have been three large workshops and four meetings in different towns within the project area.
- Ideas have flown freely in our meetings and we have had some very rewarding discussions, Lars says.

Civil engineer in highway and hydraulic construction works, Lars has been involved in local, regional, national and international projects. He works mostly in Sweden, mainly in the southern parts, while Finland and northern Sweden were more unfamiliar for him before this project.
- I have realized that people think in quite similar ways in the entire Kvarken region – probably because there are historic links that tie the region together. I knew from before that the geographical distances are relatively long here and that people are very dependent on flight traffic, and it has been interesting to learn more about this region. Everything has gone really well, Lars states.

He always travels a couple of days a week in his work, and no week is like the next. A lot of his work involves cooperation with the Swedish Transport Agency and Swedish municipalities. When he is not away on business, he spends his leisure time motorcycling, preferably out in the terrain, and looking after the horses and dogs that his family have on their farm outside Malmö.
- With three kids, animals and a farm there is no lack of work to be done, he concludes.

The system analysis is expected to be completed by 7 April. It will then serve as a source of information for drafting a cross-border traffic strategy and for political decision-making in the future.

Text: Anna Sand


E12 Atlantica Transport - The project is a cross-border cooperation between partners in Finland, Sweden and Norway along the E12, focusing on development of a functional multi-modal transport route for goods and passengers, joint strategies for cross-border planning and future cooperation structures.

E12 Atlantica Transport partners
Kvarken Council (Lead part, FI), MidtSkandia (NO), Blå Vägen (SE) Region Västerbotten (SE), Regional Council of Ostrobothnia (FI), Nordland fylkeskommune (NO) Vaasa Regional Development Company VASEK (FI), Umeå Municipality (SE), Vännäs Municipality (SE), Vindeln Municipality (SE), Lycksele Municipality (SE), Storuman Municipality (SE), Infrastruktur i Umeå AB INAB (SE), Rana Utviklingsselskap AS (NO), Rana Municipality (NO), Polarsirkelen Lufthavnutvikling (NO), Port of Mo i Rana (NO), Mo Industripark AS (NO), Alastahaug havnevesen KF (NO), Helgeland Havn IKS (NO)

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