The Project Midway Alignment Is Going Ahead – Request for Information Sent to Potential Shipyards

The project management company Kvarken Link Ab Oy, jointly owned by the Municipality of Umeå in Sweden and the City of Vaasa in Finland, has on 18th of January, 2018 sent a so-called RFI/Request for Information to 17 shipyards around the world.

– By means of this request, we will get a more precise picture of which shipyards have the competence and the opportunity to build the ship designed for the Kvarken crossing. We will, at the same time, get a more precise picture of the price level, explains Mr Bertil Hammarstedt, CEO at Kvarken Link Ab Oy.

The ferry is an important element in the global Midway Alignment project, and to get it in place is a must for being able to conclude the entire project.

– This request is the first step in the public procurement process. The next step will be to draft a shorter list of the yards which fulfil the requirements for competence and schedule, as well as to prepare the necessary materials for public procurement, Mr Hammarstedt

The replies to RFI must be submitted by 2 March, 2018.

The RFI has been drawn up with the help of MABA II project, funded by Interreg.
The goal of MABA II is to present by the end of the project well-prepared background materials, reports and analyses so that the development process of the east-west transport corridor can continue and the regional, national and EU-level authorities can make decisions regarding future measures.


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