31 / 03 / 2022

Electric aviation is already a reality at Skellefteå Airport

Robert Lindberg, CEO at Skellefteå Airport which is one of the world’s first fossil-free airports, held an inspiring presentation at EnergyWeek in Vaasa.

The message from Robert Lindberg, who was the last speaker of the FAIR electric aviation seminar on EnergyWeek on the 23rd of March, was that electric aviation is already a reality.  

– The first sustainable aviation route between Sweden and Finland will be in operation probably in August, if everything goes as planned. The future is here now, says Lindberg. 

The plan is to be flying in the Kvarken region using bio aviation fuel. Lindberg also believes that in the future it will be possible to fly this route using electric aircrafts.  

Lindberg points out that becoming one of the world’s first fossil-free airports wasn’t hard – anyone can do it by just changing the fuel and electricity. Skellefteå airport uses fossil-free heating, renewable green electricity, fossil-free fuel, and electric vehicles.  

In Skellefteå there’s also the world’s most sustainable flight academy Green Flight Academy. There are now three electrical aircrafts in use at the airport.  

According to Lindberg we don’t do things in the future like we used to do before. We don’t need to go to Stockholm or Helsinki to do business, we can do business equally well with each other in the Kvarken region. 

– We must work together and change the society. We need to do something about the climate. It’s you and me that needs to do it. The fossil-free diesel is already at the petrol station, but nobody takes it. Do we want to change the climate, or do we want to talk about changing the climate? Everybody wants change but nobody wants to change. 

Watch the live stream recording HERE. 

If you’re interested in seeing the development at Skellefteå Airport with your own eyes, you’re welcome to participate in the FAIR final conference on the 20th–21st of September 2022 in Skellefteå.


FAIR is an Interreg Botnia-Atlantica financed project developing a methodology to support an early and efficient commercialization of electric-powered regional flights in the Kvarken region.”