Wasa Future Festival 10–11.8: Kvarken Council EGTC

The Kvarken Council arranges events during Wasa Future Festival on both Thursday August 10th and Friday August 11th.
Wasa Future Festival 10–11.8: Kvarken Council EGTC

The Kvarken region’s strategic role in a new world order 

Wasa Future Festival gathers annually both the public and special invitees, the corporate world, the universities, the regional decision-makers, and the ministers around various themes that touch on current societal issues. The Kvarken Council EGTC is one of the co-organizers during the festival week on August 7th–12th, 2023.

The Kvarken Council is responsible for some of the program on August 10th–11th, 2023. During the program the following themes will be presented and discussed: the impact and role of investments for continued development in the Kvarken region, security supply, security policy issues, coordination around energy cooperation, and sustainable solutions. In each session of the Wasa Future Festival, concrete measures are defined for the following year, that will develop the Nordics, Finland, and the region. Implementation is reviewed annually.

The program will be held in English, but the participants can ask questions in English, Finnish, and Swedish. You’re welcome to participate on site at Wasa Innovation Center, Gerbyntie 16 in Vaasa, or remotely by watching the livestream on the Wasa Future Festival Youtube Channel HERE.

See the full program for Wasa Future Festival HERE.

Program DRAFT

Thursday August 10th

Open for the public
Streaming HERE
Moderator Sarah Väre 

15:00–15:30 Coffee and mingling 

15:30–15:45 Welcome and introduction 

The Nordics in Europe
If the Nordics are doing well, Europe is doing well. What do we do about it?
Modern Export Industry Policy (MEIP) as supporting logic
Sture Udd, Managing Director, UPC Center  

15:45–16:25 Kvarken in the Nordics

Investments to 2040 and its ecosystem
What is needed to maximise, preserve, and refine?

Industrial investments in the Northern Nordics and key messages
Paula Erkkilä, CEO, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce
Anders Hjalmarsson, CEO, Västerbotten Chamber of Commerce

The green transformation. Opportunities and obstacles for growth in the Northern Nordics
Lars Westin, Professor in Regional Economics, Umeå University 

Short panel discussion
Lars Westin
Paula Erkkilä
Anders Hjalmarsson
Triinu Varblane, Senior Advisor Viexpo
Anna Måtts-Fransén, Project Manager and Logistics Expert 

16:25–17:05 The role of the Kvarken region in the new geopolitical situation
An analytical point of view. Improved logistics connections in the Kvarken region, the Defence Forces, NATO, and National Emergency Supply Agency.

The new role of Northern Europe
Niklas Eklund, Professor of Politics and Public Administration at the Department of Political Science, Umeå University

New opportunities for intensified cross-border development in the Kvarken Region
Mathias Lindström, Director, Kvarken Council EGTC

Short panel discussion
Joakim Strand, Member of the Finnish Parliament and the Kvarken Council’s vice-chairman
Hans Lindberg, Municipal Commissioner of Umeå Municipality
and the Kvarken Council’s board member
Anna-Kaisa Pusa,
Mayor of the city of Kurikka and the Kvarken Council’s vice-chairman
Åsa Ågren Wikström,
Member of Västerbotten County Council and the Kvarken Council’s vice-chairman
Rickard Carstedt,
Chairman of the Regional Development Board in Västerbotten and the Kvarken Council’s chairman

17:05–17:15 Conclusion and thank you 

18:00– Dinner for invited guests

Night of the Arts
Familiarize yourself with the full program for the Night of the Arts in Vaasa 

Friday August 11th

8:30–10:00 Breakfast meeting and discussions for invited guests

Nordic and European cooperation in a changed environment.
The experiences of the effects of the pandemic on the exchange between our Nordic countries and the changed security policy situation.


Open for the public
Streaming HERE
Moderator Sarah Väre 

Co-ordination in the Nordics
More important than ever – Additional aspects that affect crisis preparedness and accessibility 

10:00–10:30 Coffee and mingling 

10:30–10:40 Welcome and summary of Thursday 
Sarah Väre and Mathias Lindström

10:40–11:10 The electricity system can be made stronger by Nordic cooperation
Viktor Salenius, PhD candidate in Management at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

11:10–11:55 Energy cooperation and sustainable energy solutions are more important than ever before
Maria Jalvemo, Program Manager at Svenska Kraftnät
Peter Hedman, Project Leader Bothnia Green Energy

Isak Brändström, Project Leader FAIR 2 

Panel discussion
Energy cooperation and sustainable transport in the Kvarken region
Maria Jalvemo
Ann-Christine Schmidt,
Head of R&D at Skellefteå Kraft
Peter Källberg, Project Manager, tourism, VASEK
Elisabet Kivimäki,
Key Account Manager at Into Seinäjoki
Niklas Andersson
, Infrastructure Strategist, Sundsvall Municipality
Sigge Forsman, CEO, Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport
Victor Wistbacka, Development Manager, Herrfors

11:55–12:00 Conclusion
We’ve succeeded before, what’s stopping us now?
Sarah Väre, Mathias Lindström, and Sture Udd 

12:00–13:00 Lunch for invited guests