18 / 12 / 2020

Kvarken Council Launches New Website and Graphic Profile Today

A new organization. A new website. A new look. Almost the same as before, but much more simple and stylish!

Kvarken Council Launches New Website and Graphic Profile Today

A new organization. A new website. A new look. Almost the same as before, but much more simple and stylish!

The Kvarken Council launches their renewed website today, embracing a new graphic profile and design.

This is one step in the important ongoing work; the structural change from a registered association into the EU’s own official form of organization for cross-border cooperation, i.e. the Kvarken Council EGTC, which brings along a larger arena where three languages, accessibility requirements, and a clearer content play an important role.

Simple and User-Friendly

New colours and a new design and structure form the basis for the renewed website. The content has been revised with simplicityas the keyword.

It’s exciting to launch a new website that better mirrors our activities; we stand out and dare to be different, tells Ms Johanna Häggman, the Kvarken Council’s Communications Manager.

The goal of this extensive work has been to create a new and fresh website where users can easily discover who we are, understand the Kvarken Council’s mission, what we offer, and simultaneously browse our projects and other valuable content. But we’re keeping the old address www.kvarken.org.

The Region in Photos from a Bird’s-Eye View

A clear and coherent graphic profile is important when the Kvarken Council adopts its new form of organization because the Council’s visibility on e.g. Nordic and European platforms is excepted to increase.

The new profile connects to the region through graphic elements but also in terms of photos that are chosen to represent the Kvarken Council’s activities. These include images of nature and culture as well as photos of people who live and work in the region.

A top perspective – photos from a bird’s-eye view – refer to our organization’s ability to see our region as a whole – both from a big perspective as for its small details. The small that contributes to the big, Ms Häggman

Launch No. 2 in Late Winter 2021

Articles, press information, and the revised content is presented stylishly. They are also easy to share in social media and easily available for e.g. journalists. Even our newsletter has gotten a makeover. The website will undergo final modifications in late winter when the organizational chart will be updated in accordance with the new EGTC structure, many old projects and news will be added on display, and the report section will be complemented with several final reports and other content.

We’re absolutely convinced that this new look will represent us better than before. It fits better and also feels better, adds Mr Mathias Lindström, Director of the Kvarken Council.

The Kvarken Council wishes to send a big thank you to Jo Kommunikation communications agency in Umeå, Sweden, for fantastic cooperation with the new profile and website. The Council’s heartfelt gratitude goes also to Buorre marketing agency in Vaasa, Finland, and to the Council’s cooperation partners for their help in creating a new communications strategy in spring 2020. This strategy has functioned as a springboard for the website’s renewal.

You’re warmly invited to visit the website www.kvarken.org!

Photo: Anna Sand

Caption: Ms Johanna Häggman is the Kvarken Council’s Communications Manager and also responsible for the website’s renewal. She is grateful for the cooperation partners’ commitment to the communications strategy work last spring. This work served as a springboard for the website’s renewal.