12 / 08 / 2021

Kvarken Council to Participate in Wasa Future Festival 11–14 August!

The Kvarken Council will answer for an event package on Saturday 14 August, 10.30–14.15, at Wasa Future Festival

The Kvarken Council will answer for an event package on Saturday 14 August, 10.30–14.15 (finnish time), at Wasa Future Festival. This event, Nordic Cooperation – Case Kvarken, focuses on the Kvarken Council’s activities – its cross-border work and collaborative efforts to create the world’s best region in which to live, work, and establish companies.

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Mr Eranti at Wasa Future Festival 2020 Photo: Anna Sand / bySand

During the event, current results from the electric aviation project FAIR will be presented; what is needed for the early implementation of electric aviation technology, what prerequisites does the Kvarken region hold, and how can politics expedite the aviation industry’s green transition.

The region’s most recent cooperation projects, Nordic Battery Belt Logistics and Fixed Link, will be presented at the event. Impacts of the Kvarken region’s battery plants on the industry and society will also be discussed, along with cooperation, needs, and tools. The fixed link (Kvarken Bridge) and its realities, potential, and outlook will also be brought up.

We will look to the future and ponder the outlook of the coming years in the short and long term.

The Kvarken Council’s event will hold the following speakers or contributors:

Tom Einar Jensen, CEO of FREYR Battery (participates remotely)
Dr. Esa Eranti, Eranti Engineering
M.Sc, Ph.D Antti Talvitie
Anders Ahnlid, Director-General at the National Board of Trade Sweden
Joakim Strand, MP, Chairman of Vaasa City Council, Chairman of the Kvarken Council EGTC
Rickard Carstedt, Chairman of the Regional Development Board at Region Västerbotten
Åsa Ågren Wikström, Vice Chairman of the Kvarken Council EGTC, Vice Chairman of Region Västerbotten’s Regional Development Committee
Arne Langset, CEO/Head of Secretariat at Indre Helgeland Region, Norway
Peter Östman, Member of the Finnish Parliament
Paula Erkkilä, Director, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce
Mathias Lindström, Director, Kvarken Council EGTC
Riitta Björkenheim, Development Director, Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK

The event will also be attended by project personnel from the aforementioned projects.
Moderated by Anna Bertills. The event is held in English, but questions can be asked in both Finnish and Swedish.

 See the event’s more detailed programme: HERE

You’re welcome to participate on site: Wasa Innovation Center, Bock’s Corner, Gerbyntie 18, Vaasa (Remember to wash your hands and keep a safe distance. We recommend the use of a face mask.)
or remotely via YouTube: https://youtu.be/HmEr4F-qSD0

The whole programme for Wasa Future Festival: https://wasafuturefestival.fi/?page_id=374&lang=en. Most of the events will be streamed on YouTube HERE

Kvarken Council EGTC
The Kvarken Council is a neutral cooperation platform that enables all kinds of cross-border cooperation in the Kvarken region.
The Kvarken Council encompasses three Ostrobothnian counties in Finland and the County of Västerbotten and the Municipality of Örnsköldsvik in Sweden. Our members consist of municipalities and regional councils from all over the region.

From an Association to a Stable Legal Entity
The Kvarken Council adopted its new organizational form at the turn of the year 2020–2021. The registered association’s dissolution meeting was held prior to the annual general meeting, and the Kvarken Council EGTC continues the work that has been going on for close to 50 years.

Read about the Kvarken Council EGTC and its activities: kvarken.org/en/the-kvarken-council/

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