Privacy Policy

It is important for the Kvarken Council that you feel safe when you send your personal information to us. This privacy policy explains how we gather, use, disclose and store your personal information according to (EU) 2016/679, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Privacy Policy

Data file descriptions

As of 25.5.2018, the processing of personal data will be subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the Privacy Act (1050/2018).

Compiled 26.3.2018, last updated 17.12.2020

Data controller:
Kvarken Council EGTC (business ID: 3176207-5)
Gerbyntie 18
65230 Vaasa, Finland

For the Kvarken Council’s partner, the term customer or partner is used in this description.

Grounds for keeping the register

Customer relationship management, customer’s consent and legitimate interest.

Data protection at the Kvarken Council

Kvarken Council is committed to protect the rights of individuals and to keep safe all data processed by us. In this statement, we will tell you how we process (collect, use, store and protect) your data.

We may change this privacy statement from time to time, for example due to changes in legislation, or when changing, improving or extending our services. If we extend a service and ask you for additional personal data, we will inform you of the new purpose of its use latest when collecting the data. In addition, we might update this statement for other reasons so we recommend that you visit this website every now and then to check whether the statement has changed.

At Kvarken Council, we process your personal data for various reasons. We process your personal data on different grounds, depending on which of our services you utilize. You might be part of one or several personal data groups, depending on how widely you utilize our services.

Which data we collect from you?

Political decision-makers and influencers in the region, partners, existing organizations, companies and their contact persons or employees.

We collect data from organisations, businesses, elected representatives, entrepreneurs and their staff that operate in our region, are current or potential customers of ours or are our partners in cooperation.

We collect their name and contact details (phone number, email, address etc.), date of birth (only if travel tickets are to be booked), gender, place of domicile, contact language and data relating to provision of services. This data consists of, among other things, emails, memos from conversations, meetings memos, and all other documentation. We also record your registrations for different events and your replies to questionnaires conducted by us.

The data register can be used for managing, taking care of, maintaining and developing the customer relationship between the partner and Kvarken Council, as well as for targeting, producing, offering and developing services, conducting analyses and market research and other statistical purposes.

We also collect personal data directly from the partner, but also about the organisations and the businesses operating in our region, the entrepreneurs working for them and their key contacts from public sources, such as web sites of companies.

Partners relating to projects

When you participate in actions taken within an EU funded project, training or event, we collect similar information as described above.

We use the data to execute the communication, marketing and customer service implemented in the project. Additionally, to implement the EU project report, we deliver some personal data to the investor, to the main executor and to the supervisor of the project.

The data about the projects is processed for legal obligations. The legal obligations consist of the national and EU legislations regarding the constitution funds that are for example: Law regarding the development of regions and administration of the functioning of composition funds (7/2014); Law regarding the development of the regions and the financing of the composition fund projects (8/2014); General regulation (EU no. 1303/2013); EAKR regulation (EU no. 1301/2014); ESR regulation (EU no. 1304/2013).

Personal data is stored for 10 years from the completion of the project.

Newsletter subscribers

We collect your email address, name and your chosen contact language. This information is merged with data collected from you in other roles. Additionally, we register whether you read our newsletters and which links you click on them.

We use this data to communications, its follow-up and analysis. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on a link on it.

Users of our website

We may collect information about the features of your computer and location such as IP-address, identification cookies, sites visited, sites where you came from, time, operating system, device types and browser. Additionally, we collect all the data you enter on our site or services therein.

We use this data to improve the features of our website, to ensure and monitor its information security and to prevent potential online vandalism. Separately entered data we process to provide customer service (newsletter).

Your information will also be used for the implementation of the so-called remarketing. Thus based on your visits on our sites you will see our marketing messages on the platforms you use, such as advertisements on Facebook or Google.

Members of Kvarken Council’s board of directors

At the beginning of your term of office, you will be asked for approval to hand over your information to us. This information consists of your name, email address, other contact information and the information needed. We will also collect information on your attendance in the board meetings. The information will also be used for filing trade register notifications and for the communications of the board.

The data is retained after your most recent term of office in accordance with the payroll laws.

Transferring information

Personal data can be transferred to partners for performing a service, to promote your interests and for reporting to different project financiers.

Due to the technical or operational implementation of the processing of the information, parts of it may be stored with Kvarken Council’s subcontractors or be otherwise processed over a technical user interface. Kvarken Council can also use subcontractors in processing of the information. We do not allow subcontractors to disclose the information for any other purposes.

Kvarken Councilhas the right to use or disclose information as required by law, to protect technology, for legal defense or for filing a lawsuit.

How we protect your personal data

Information security and data protection are central to the operation of Kvarken Council. We use the adequate technical, organizational and administrative safety procedures, that are used to protect the information in our possession from disappearance, misuse, unauthorized use, delivering, transition and destruction.

How we process minors’ personal data

Kvarken Council processes the personal data of underage as described above but only in respect of travel allowances.

Third parties

We disclose personal information to authorities as required by law. These authorities include for example project finance authorities.

In addition, your data will be processed by third parties, such as information system editors, service delivers, and other subcontractors. We have confirmed the confidentiality of these third parties and made a contract with them regarding the processing of personal data. Moreover, we instruct these third parties about how to process your data.

Please note that when we cooperate with other companies and organizations for example relating to events, we can disclose your registration information to others that are involved with organizing the event.

Security principles of the register and customer register confidentiality

We are committed to acting appropriately to keep personal information safe. Our technical, administrative and physical processes are designed to protect personal information from accidental, unlawful or unauthorized disappearance, unauthorized use, disclosure, misuse, alteration and destruction. Even if we protect our systems, we cannot guarantee that your website, computer system or data transmission over the Internet or any other public network is completely secure.

Kvarken Council’s personnel and third parties acting on their behalf are bound by the obligation of secrecy when it comes to all customer data. Our personnel have been educated and instructed on appropriate and safe processing of data.


You have the right to review what information we have stored in the register on you. Requests of revision are to be sent in writing and signed to address:

Kvarken Council
Gerbyntie 18
65230 Vaasa

Generally, you will receive an answer for your request in 30 days. To utilize your rights, we will separately recognize you to implement the request and to make sure that the rights of the others registered are secured.

Storing personal data

We will retain personal information only for as long as it is considered necessary for the purposes described in this privacy statement, unless such retention is required or permitted by law.