Bothnia Green Energy
Bothnia Green Energy is a project that supports the development of sustainable energy solutions.

Bothnia Green Energy will stimulate cross-border collaboration and investments in sustainable energy solutions in the geographical area around the Kvarken. Something completely new is that the project collaborates to build innovative networks and ecosystems around the region’s energy companies.



The increased demands for a green transition mean that new industries establish themselves in the Kvarken region, that large research and infrastructure projects are carried out, and that investment is made in the supply of skills. What is missing is cross-regional cooperation that builds innovative networks/ecosystems, that drives future sustainable innovations in the energy field and that includes the region’s energy companies.

The project aims to take advantage of the new conditions created for companies and organizations in the Kvarken region to develop and sell sustainable energy solutions of the future.

The project’s objective is to accelerate innovation in the field of sustainable energy solutions of the future by bringing together companies and organizations in participating regions and thereby promoting the competitiveness of companies. An expected result is that the project, through cross-border cooperation, has contributed to more sustainable innovations in the field of energy.


The project has the following three sub-goals, each of which is linked to a work package:

1. Create and organize a joint long-term platform that brings together the government, industry, and academia. The platform will make the sustainable energy solutions of the future visible.
2. Contribute to increased innovation capacity of small and medium-sized companies, and strengthened innovation collaborations between small and medium-sized companies, energy companies, large companies, universities, and public actors.
3. Strengthen the conditions for international cooperation and visibility.


    The project is divided into three work packages.

    WP 1

    Within the first work package, a long-term Nordic platform for cooperation in the energy field will be developed.


    WP 2

    Within the second work package, the innovation collaborations between small and medium sized enterprises, energy companies, academia, and public actors will be strengthened.




     WP 3

    Within the third work package, a plan will be developed that will help us identify the strategically important international organizations, contacts, and platforms that contribute to growth in the northern Nordic region.


    Project timetable: 1.1.2023–31.12.2025
    Budget: 1 918 400

    The project’s total budget is 1,918,400 EUR, whereof 1,120,969 EUR is EU-funding via the Interreg Aurora programme. The rest of the funding comes from Finnish national and Swedish regional co-funding, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and municipal and private co-funding.

    Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia | Kokkola Region Development Company KOSEK | The Kvarken Council EGTC (lead part and coordinating beneficiary) | Technology Centre Merinova | Skellefteå Science City | Umeå Municipality | Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK | Övik Energi


    Interreg Aurora | Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia | Herrfors | Kokkolan Energia | City of Kokkola | Kvarken Council EGTC | Regional Council of Lapland | Technology Centre Merinova | Region Västerbotten | Region Västernorrland | Skellefteå Municipality | Skellefteå Kraft | Umeå Energi | Umeå Municipality | Vaasan Sähkö | City of Vaasa | Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK | Örnsköldsvik Municipality | Övik Energi



    Contact information

    Mathias Lindström

    Project owner
    Mathias Lindström
    +358 50 918 6462


    Johanna Häggman

    Communications Assistant
    Ida-Maria Huuhka

    +358 40 849 5178

    Johanna Häggman

    Financial Manager
    Maria Snickars

    +358 50 591 9164