Promotes Sustainable Aviation

Project time
1.6.2023 – 30.11.2024

The total budget of this project is 450 430 EUR, whereof 292 780 EUR EU-funding via the Interreg Aurora programme. The rest of the funding comes from Finnish national and Swedish regional co-funding, from the Nordic Council of Ministers, and from municipal and private co-funding.

Singel beneficiary
Kvarken Council

Project partners
Kvarken Council (Lead Part and singel beneficiary) (This list will be updated)

Interreg Aurora, Regional Council of Lapland, the Kvarken Council EGTC (This list will be updated)

FAIR 2 – Promotes Sustainable Aviation


The project’s goal is to enhance our understanding of the demand for sustainable regional aviation from a cross-border perspective. This knowledge is vital for well-informed, long-term decision-making in creating a sustainable regional aviation service in the region.

FAIR 2, is a continuation and based on results of the electric aviation project FAIR that ended in October 2022.

The objective of the demand study is to better understand the demand for regional aviation and attitudes toward zero-emission aviation alternatives.
The study will analyse the current travel patterns within the region, as well as the demand and attitudes of residents, private sector companies, and public sector organisations. Research methods will include data mapping, surveys, and interviews.

The results will be compiled into a report aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the demand for sustainable aviation. This report will summarize both the current demand and the potential demand. Subsequently, an analysis will be conducted to assess the potential for sustainable regional aviation in the region. The implications in terms of commercial viability and potential public benefits of new routes or networks will be outlined.

Insights from FAIR 2 will serve as a foundation for a future project aimed at facilitating the development of sustainable business models, including both commercial and non-commercial alternatives, for sustainable regional air routes and networks.