Fixed Link

Potential for a bridge over the Kvarken - A comprehensive impact assessment and an analysis of business proposals.
Fixed Link

Partnership: Kvarken Council EGTC (lead part) and the Blå Vägen association in Sweden. In addition, the project receives support from Meridiam, Etgar Al Engineering, and Green Carbon Recovery.
Total budget: 215,000 EUR
Main financier: Interreg Botnia-Atlantica
Project timetable: 05/2021–10/2022

About the project

The project aims to create decision guidance documents that can serve as the basis for a long-term, cross-border (east-west) strategy/position for how the question of the fixed link will be promoted in the future.

The project consists of two parts:

  • A comprehensive impact assessment. The impact assessment will encompass a quality assurance of the project’s socio-economic consequences as well as a general environmental assessment of the suggested alternative routes.
  • Analysis of business proposals. Business proposals are complicated by nature, which is why expert knowledge and further investigation are necessary to analyze their content and assess their feasibility.

Contact persons

Mathias Lindström

Mathias Lindström

Director, The Kvarken Council +35850 918 6462