Fixed Link

Potential for a bridge over the Kvarken - A comprehensive impact assessment and an analysis of business proposals.
Fixed Link

Partnership: Kvarken Council EGTC (lead part) and the Blå Vägen association in Sweden. In addition, the project receives support from Meridiam, Etgar Al Engineering, and Green Carbon Recovery.
Total budget: 215,000 EUR
Main financier: Interreg Botnia-Atlantica
Project timetable: 05/2021–10/2022

About the project

The project aims to create decision guidance documents that can serve as the basis for a long-term, cross-border (east-west) strategy/position for how the question of the fixed link will be promoted in the future.

The project consists of two parts:

  • A comprehensive impact assessment. The impact assessment will encompass a quality assurance of the project’s socio-economic consequences as well as a general environmental assessment of the suggested alternative routes.
  • Analysis of business proposals. Business proposals are complicated by nature, which is why expert knowledge and further investigation are necessary to analyze their content and assess their feasibility.

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