A research project investigating the impact of cross-border transports on sustainable cities and urban development.

135 000 euro

The Nordic Council of Ministers

Kvarken Council, Östfold-Bohuslän, Greater Copenhagen, NORDREGIO.

Project timetable
1.11.2017 – 31.12.2020.

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About the project

TriBorder – ”Transport for regional integration in border regions”

Kvarken and Greater Copenhagen are chosen in order to illustrate the potential challenges of planning and development across national borders in the Nordic context. The border committees in these three areas are active partners in the projects along with Nordregio and members of the Thematic Group for Sustainable Cities and Urban Development.

Nordregio tasks within the TRIBORDER project consist of three main activities:

• An upgraded ferry connection between Umeå and Vaasa
• A faster railway connection between Oslo and Stockholm
• Improved cross-border public transport system in the Greater Copenhagen region

The TRIBORDER project aims to analyze the potential challenges of planning and developing transport connections across the borders in the Nordic region. The project activities will contribute to the work of the Nordic Thematic Group for Sustainable Cities and Urban Development, 2017-2020.

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