09 / 06 / 2023

The electric aviation project FAIR won the Regio Stars Västerbotten prize!

On May 31st, 2023, the winners of the Regio Stars Västerbotten prize were announced at Region Västerbotten's event Mötesplats Lycksele. The Kvarken Council's project FAIR was one of this year's winners.

The purpose of Region Västerbotten’s initiative Regio Stars Västerbotten is to draw attention to innovative regional development projects in Västerbotten, that have been financed by EU or regional development funds. In this way, Region Västerbotten wants to show how the region’s actors’ benefit Västerbotten and the residents of Västerbotten. 

– It is wonderful that this project is being recognized in this way. It brings great joy to us in the partnership and everyone who has worked on this project. I would like to say a big thank you to all the actors in this cross-border collaboration, initiators, executors, financiers, and of course a big thank you to the jury for this recognition! It is a favour to be able to promote development together in a region that wants to be at the forefront, says Mathias Lindström, the Kvarken Council’s Director. 

The public had the opportunity to nominate projects for Regio Stars Västerbotten. The projects could be nominated for one of six different categories, which are the following: 

  1. An innovative and smart region 
  2. A region with location based sustainable business development 
  3. An easily accessible region 
  4. A region with sustainable living environments to live and work in 
  5. A health-promoting region 
  6. A region rich in skills

The nominated projects were evaluated according to various assessment criteria and then a jury appointed the winners. The award was inspired by Regio Stars, which is a competition organized by the European Commission. The other winners of this year’s Regio Stars Västerbotten are VIDDE, Vidde Snow Mobility AB, Life Science Motorn 2.0, Umeå Biotech Incubator, and Multiarena Storuman, Storuman’s sports club.

The Regio Stars Västerbotten price was received by Robert Lindberg, CEO at Skellefteå Airport. He’s been a part of the FAIR projects steering group. Photo: Region Västerbotten.




FAIR was a two-year long project and a first step of preparing the Kvarken-Nordland region for an early implementation of electric aviation. The project increased the knowledge base, investigated the possibilities, and surveyed both the needs and the required technical investments.