19 / 06 / 2019

The Tourism Companies’ Digital Maturity Mapped Out

One of Destination Kvarken’s goals is to support the digitalization of companies involved in the project.

One of Destination Kvarken’s goals is to support the digitalization of companies involved in the project. This will be done by giving examples of concrete tools and offering the opportunity to increase competence in digital marketing. To map out the starting point, Hanken School of Economics carried out a needs inventory in the form of a survey with which the digital maturity within the tourist companies that participate in the project was mapped. The results will be used in the planning of the knowledge-enhancing efforts in order to contribute to the development of the digitalization of the companies, the tourism industry and the Kvarken region.

Brief about the inventory of needs

The needs inventory was performed through a quantitative study. Data was collected with an electronic questionnaire sent to all 46 companies involved in the project, 23 companies located in Finland and 23 companies in Sweden. Through the survey, the extent to which companies today use digital tools (in marketing, for example) and what development needs can be found in the area was mapped out.

To summarize, one can say that companies’ digital maturity states that the companies’ most widely used marketing activities in social media belong to paid advertisements and engagement actions, such as appeal to like, comment, share and tag posts. These marketing activities are generally done regularly every month. The most active platforms are Facebook and Instagram to where the companies share posts or pictures on average regularly every week. However, TripAdvisor and YouTube are not in active use, although these may be considered as particularly suitable and potential channels for Kvarken Destination companies for marketing purposes. In addition, nearly half of the companies have activated their Google Business account, which is free of charge for businesses and gives them more control and visibility over the business information available on Google services.

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