Kvarken – short cut system

The project ended 31.10.2012

The Kvarken Council will strive at developing transports across the Kvarken Strait with its traffic communications group and project “Kvarken Shortcut System”. The project is funded by the EU Botnia-Atlantica programme.

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The ferry route across the Kvarken Strait is the hub of the regional transport network. There must be scheduled line service across the Kvarken if regional cooperation between Finland and Sweden is to be maintained, and the route is also an absolutely necessary constituent of the “Kvarken Shortcut System” from the Norwegian coast to Europe and Russia. The ultimate vision is a bridge or a tunnel crossing the Kvarken Strait.


The purpose of the project is to develop the ”Kvarken Shortcut System” into a European transport route and to draw up a vision which will enable regional and cross-border development. This purpose shall be achieved:

by planning coordination activities. The project will come up with a model which will bind those who work with infrastructure, or interest groups and authorities who are dependent on infrastructure. This model will contribute to promoting debate, joint planning, and shared view on the matter. Coordination will focus on working with the east-west corridor from Finland to Norway, aiming at coordinating the activities of the various projects along this route.

by disseminating information about the regional infrastructure and by drawing up a “transport package” according to individual needs.

by examining the social and economic significance for the region of a bridge/tunnel across the Kvarken Strait. The outcome of this examination will influence the work done for the bridge/tunnel in the future.

by examining/surveying the direct and indirect social and economic significance of the sea route across the Kvarken Strait.

by updating the Kvarken Strait transport vision (present status, plans for future, and vision) on the basis of the information gathered in the coordination of this project, and by utilizing the available regional data. Special attention will be paid on the following modes of transport: Air traffic, sea traffic, bridge/tunnel, and combinations of various means of transport as well as obstacles to cross-border operation in the transport business.

Information: Mathias Lindström, Kvarken Council, phone +358 50 918 6462


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