E12 Atlantica Transport Project Reinforced

E12 Atlantica Transport project was launched in January 2016, with the purpose of developing cooperation between the actors along the E12 corridor which runs from Finland across Sweden to the Atlantic coast in Norway. Mr Jerker Sjögren, with long and solid experience in logistics and transport as well as strategic development and management, has been appointed coordinator of the work package Cross-Border Strategies.

E12 Atlantica Transport is an Interreg project funded via the Botnia Atlantica programme and it will continue until May 2018. The project focuses on three aspects – creating a functional transport route along the E12 in the east-west direction, developing structures for cross-border transport planning, and presenting future cooperation structures for increased collaboration in the region as well as with adjoining transport corridors.

– In this work we will deal with development issues which are strategically important for the project partners, and the region can develop in a very positive way if we manage to achieve good results in the project, Mr Sjögren says.
He is familiar with the region – he was born in Lycksele in Sweden and studied economics at Umeå University. At present, he lives in Gothenburg where he runs a consultancy firm. Earlier he worked for the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation in Stockholm, developing the dialogue between the Swedish Government and the logistics and transport industry.
– My latest assignment was to build up and manage the so-called Closer platform for research in the transport industry, and a year ago I started my own business as a consultant, Mr Sjögren explains.


Consultant Jerker Sjögren works primarily with developing cross-border infrastructure planning and traffic strategy together with Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian partners along the E12 corridor.

The coordinator of E12 Atlantica Transport project, he is the one who holds the strings in some parts of the project. He will concentrate on issues related to cross-border infrastructure planning and the development of a shared traffic strategy for the project partners.

– Cross-border planning is something that has been discussed a really long time but, in fact, before this nothing has been done about it. Each country is making its own plans without consideration of what is being done on the other side of the national border, and this is a huge drawback. We will now change all this, Mr Sjögren asserts.
At present, a system analysis of the current situation along the entire route in all the three countries is being carried out. 
– This work will result in concrete background materials and a shared strategy so that in the future we can carry out all types of negotiations faster and smoother – both on the national level and with Brussels, Mr Sjögren explains. To put it simply, we shall elevate E12 to the next level.

According to Mr Sjögren, capturing the needs of trade and industry, especially in the long term, is a big challenge. Both regional and international needs must be taken into account. The vision is to tie up the E12 corridor to other European transport corridors and to strenthen its role as a sustainable transport route. Further, it is important to reinforce and upgrade the route’s TEN-T status.

– A traffic strategy may have an immense impact for the region, for instance as a foundation for the organization of cooperation in the future. All of this will be presented in the closing conference in spring 2018, Mr Sjögren concludes.

Text: Anna Sand
Foto: Kvarkenrådet



E12 Atlantica Transport - The project is a cross-border cooperation between partners in Finland, Sweden and Norway along the E12, focusing on development of a functional multi-modal transport route for goods and passengers, joint strategies for cross-border planning and future cooperation structures.

E12 Atlantica Transport partners
Kvarken Council (Lead part, FI), MidtSkandia (NO), Blå Vägen (SE) Region Västerbotten (SE), Regional Council of Ostrobothnia (FI), Nordland fylkeskommune (NO) Vaasa Regional Development Company VASEK (FI), Umeå Municipality (SE), Vännäs Municipality (SE), Vindeln Municipality (SE), Lycksele Municipality (SE), Storuman Municipality (SE), Infrastruktur i Umeå AB INAB (SE), Rana Utviklingsselskap AS (NO), Rana Municipality (NO), Polarsirkeln lufthavnutvickling (NO), Port of Mo i Rana (NO), Mo Industripark AS (NO), Alastahaug havnevesen KF (NO), Helgeland Havn IKS (NO)

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