MATKA2017 Nordic Travel Fair – Successful Presentation of Spotlight High-Low Coast Project

The cross-border project Spotlight High-Low Coast made itself known at MATKA2017 Nordic Travel Fair and Matka Workshop Day in 18–22 January, 2017. The first two days were aimed at professionals while the weekend from Friday to Sunday was geared towards the general public.

Matka Workshop Day is a B2B matchmaking event which gathers travel industry professionals from all over the world, looking to establish business contacts and searching for new incentives for travel and regions to sell. Spotlight attended the event and had meetings with around twenty tour operators as well as the media.

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The project managers are pleased with the fair.
Ms Marianne Sjöström from the Kvarken Council, Mr Peter Källberg from VASEK Vaasa Region Development Company and Ms Mia Karlsson from Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling.

–All in all, we received very positive feedback on the theme-inspired packages that we have put together in the project, covering two countries, three destinations and a shared world heritage site. A German travel agency, which already offers travels to High Coast and the Umeå region in Sweden, recognized the added value in including Kvarken archipelago and the crossing of the Kvarken Strait in its programme, in order to have an even more attractive package to sell, says Ms Marianne Sjöström, project manager at Kvarken Council.

Also a large Scandinavian travel wholesaler, with clients all over Europe, is willing to include in its selection the packages that have been developed in the project.
–Naturally, we at Spotlight are delighted with the interest, adds Ms Mia Karlsson, project manager at Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling.

During the weekend open for the general public, Spotlight had its own little space at Visit Sweden’s stand where also seven other wellknown destinations, e.g. the Abba museum, were presented. –Since this fair took place in Finland and two thirds of the project are, in geographical terms, located in Sweden, it seemed natural for us to appear together with Visit Sweden, says Mr Peter Källberg, project manager at VASEK.

One of the visitors, Mr Anders Ahnlid, Sweden’s ambassador to Finland, was impressed by the cross-border cooperation in the tourism branch.
–Spotlight High-Low Coast is an excellent example of Finnish-Swedish cooperation. Hopefully I will soon have the chance to visit the joint world heritage site and learn more about this cooperation project across the Kvarken Strait, Mr Ahnlid said.

–Many of the visitors were interested in our three regions, viz. the High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago and the Umeå region, and are planning a tour already for the coming summer. All in all, we see it as a successful move to participate in a fair that was geared both towards professionals and the general public, and to appear together with the regional tourism organizations Visit Vaasa, Höga Kusten Turism and Visit Umeå, concludes Ms Erja Back, project manager at Visit Umeå tourism centre.

The fair was popular and attracted approx. 71,000 visitors and 920 exhibitors from over 80 countries this year.

Spotlight stand Matka.JPG3

Spotlight High-Low Coast project, funded by Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, had its own little space at the stand of Visit Sweden.



The Spotlight High-Low Coast project is funded by the EU through the INTERREG Botnia-Atlantica programme. The cross-border World Heritage and tourism project aims to create product packages and marketing materials in order to attract more tourists to the High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site and its surrounding regions in a sustainable way.

The project is due to end on May 31st, 2018.

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