16 / 01 / 2024

The Bothnian Coastal Route Project Debuts at the Largest Travel Trade Event in Northern Europe

In 2024, the Interreg Aurora funded project Bothnian Coastal Route, encompassing 13 destinations around the Bothnian Bay and over the Kvarken strait, will participate at 8–10 key European marketing events targeting tour operators. The first is the Matka Workshop Day in Helsinki in January.

Exclusive Familiarisation and Media Tours

Before, and in connection to the Matka Fair, the project will host a familiarisation tour for six tour operators. This tour will cover the northern part of the coastal travel route: featuring Luleå, HaparandaTornio, Kemi, and Oulu. After the Matka Fair, the project hosts a media/press trip showcasing the southern part of the coastal route; Kalajoki, Kokkola, Vaasa, Umeå, and Skellefteå for seven different travel media. 

Innovative B2B Tour Planning Tool

Coinciding with the travel fair in Helsinki, the project also launches a completely new web based “B2B tour planning tool”. This tool is designed to assist European tour operators in discovering and customising carefully curated tours in the region. The tool provides detailed information about local tourism services and service providers, with tours also shown on Google Maps. 

– European tourism operators can explore pre-designed tours, or tailor them to their needs by filtering services and products available in the region, says Erja Back from Visit Umeå. 

This tool, through its innovative features, positions the Bothnian Coastal Route prominently in the tourism sector, enhancing connectivity between local tourism entities and tour operators. 

On the Finnish side we have been able to integrate Visit Finland’s DataHub with our website, enhancing visibility for our suppliers. Some products are manually added, of course, but a significant part is sourced via DataHub, Sari Kasvi, Project Manager at BusinessOulu, explains. 

The marketing website with its online planning tool for professional use is accessible HERE. 

Increasing Demand for Nordic Products

The Bothnian Coastal Route aims to create a joint destination, that becomes a “bucket list” for European travellers in the future. This joint initiative comes at an opportune time, responding to the growing demand for Nordic, sustainable tourism offerings year-round. 

– The natural coastal route of northern Finland and Sweden, bridging across the Kvarken Strait, offers a rich mix of natural and cultural experiences. With a diverse range of sustainable products, ideal for Fly&Drive concepts, we aim to attract travellers to explore these coastal attractions, says Marianne Sjöström, Project Manager at the Kvarken Council. 

For further details about the Bothnian Coastal Route project, please contact:
Marianne Sjöström, Kvarken Council, +358 40 678 83 75
Erja Back, Visit Umeå, +46 70 647 62 78
Bo Wikström, Visit Skellefteå, +46 70 597 73 31
Karin Åberg, Luleå Business Region, +46 70 288 26 90
Sari Kasvi, BusinessOulu, +358 40 724 94 19
Jaana Sirkiä, City of Kalajoki, +358 40 359 14 57
Peter Källberg, Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, +358 40 844 20 58


The Bothnian Coastal Route project, including northern Finnish and Swedish destinations, aims to increase awareness of the coastal route around the Bothnian Bay and over the Kvarken strait as an attractive travel route for both international tourists and locals. Read more about the Bothnian Coastal Route project HERE. 

Sari Kasvi from BusinessOulu, Marianne Sjöström from Kvarken Council, and Karin Åberg from Luleå Business Region, participated in the meet up fair at the Interreg Aurora event in Oulu in November 2023.