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Our ongoing actions in the Accessibility focus area are as follows:

Working group on transportation and infrastructure

The Board of the Kvarken Council can appoint the necessary committees within the framework of the Kvarken Council’s activities. The first committee that was set up is the working group on transportation and infrastructure. The group was set up because there are many ongoing important transportation and infrastructure issues in the region and because these issues are central to the region’s development.

The chairman and vice-chairman of the working groups are appointed within the board and, together with the Kvarken Council’s director or head of development, shall continuously inform the board about the work of the working groups.

A strong point of this working method is a strong involvement of the Board in the day-to-day work. A further advantage is that private stakeholders and non-members can be invited to participate in the working groups, where this serves the purpose of the group. This means a stronger and broader regional anchorage on key issues.

Several similar working groups will be set up in the future.

Status: Ongoing.

Fixed link – Feasibility study

The transportation and infrastructure working group has started work on preparing an application for a more detailed feasibility study for a fixed link. In parallel, the group holds discussions with key stakeholders in the field.

In meetings with representatives from the Ministry of the Environment in Finland, the Ministry of Defence in Finland, the National Emergency Supply Agency in Finland and the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), the group has explored their views on factors that should be taken into account when planning a new application for a more detailed feasibility study on a fixed link across the Kvarken.

Status: Ongoing.

FAIR 2 – Project

The project aims to increase the understanding of the demand for sustainable regional aviation.

Status: Ongoing.

Green and Inclusive Urban Development – Thematic group

The Kvarken Council Border Committee is part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ regional policy theme group for “Green and Inclusive Urban Development” and participates in the implementation of the theme group.

Status: Ongoing.

Scandria®Alliance – Cooperation network

In 2021, the Kvarken Council EGTC was adopted as a full member of the Scandria Alliance and the Kvarken Council’s Vice President is also the Vice President of this organisation.

The Scandria Alliance consists of stakeholders along the main Scandinavia-Mediterranean and North Sea-Baltic corridors.

For the Kvarken Council EGTC, membership in the Scandria Alliance provides better opportunities for advocacy regarding the region’s needs and interests at an EU level and also offers a natural partnership platform for new projects, for example within the framework of the CEF or the Baltic Sea Programme.

Status: Ongoing.

Security of Supply Initiative

The Kvarken Council contributes to the promotion of the initiative in the region for a fixed link across the Kvarken and its importance in terms of supply preparedness, defence, regional development, etc. This work also seeks to involve national authorities.

Initially, a cooperation project has been discussed in this area.

Status: Ongoing.

New North – Transport, Logistics and Security of Supply – Project

Aims to analyse the transportation system in the northern Nordic in the light of the changing geopolitical situation.

The New North project takes the knowledge base forward, referring to the new geopolitical situation, market changes, the development of the business environment and previous studies, which brings a completely new perspective on the security of supply.

Lead part: Lapin Liitto.

The WP3 work package in this project focuses on sustainable aviation and is led by the Västerbotten County Administrative Board in collaboration with the Kvarken Council.

WP3 is largely concerned with raising the level of knowledge in a larger region and shaping a common vision for sustainable aviation.

Status: Ongoing.

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