Kvarken Council’s Strategy 2030



Our ongoing actions in the Demography and Attractiveness focus area are as follows:

FAIR 2 – Project

The project aims to increase the understanding of the demand for sustainable regional aviation.

Status: Ongoing.

Nordic Battery Belt – Feasibility study

Gathers the region’s battery technology actors to investigate needs and the content of a larger implementation project

Status: Ongoing.

Bothnian Coastal Route – Project

The aim is to create year-round coastal experiences with a focus on sustainability. A tourism cooperation to promote the coastal route around the Bay of Bothnia and across the Kvarken.

Status: Ongoing.

Influencing and lobbying

Advocacy and discussions with relevant authorities at the regional, national and EU level.

The Kvarken Council works actively in several regional, national and European networks to promote a more open Europe and reduce border barriers. The Kvarken Council also runs its own projects, projects in larger partnerships and initiates cooperation projects between different parties. The aim of all this is to contribute to a positive social development in the Kvarken region, the Nordic countries and Europe. Among other things, the Kvarken Council is an active member of the Scandria Alliance.

Status: Ongoing.


Do you have further ideas, suggestions for action or cooperation?

The Kvarken Council is happy to support cooperation projects that benefit the Kvarken region. You are welcome to brainstorm with us to develop your project idea.

You can contact us at any time, but if you want to be prepared, check out our tips on what you need to tell us: https://www.kvarken.org/en/project-workshop/

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